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Taxpayer’s Watchdog Committee

Floyd Coates founded and is chairman of the Taxpayer’s Watchdog Committee (TWC). TWC was founded in the early 1980's in response to a failed nuclear power plant construction project whose costs were going to be dumped upon the taxpayers of Indiana. Since that battle, TWC has continued in an editorial capacity to provide newspapers with letters to the editor, particularly on tax issues. The underlying philosophy the TWC is that generally government does worse at solving problems than individuals and always at a higher cost.

One of the most noteworthy issues frequently mentioned by TWC is that taxpayers bought and paid for the remodeling of the Capitol building many years ago which included the transforming of elevators from requiring operators, to fully automatic push button operation. However, in government's infinite wisdom it has continued to employ servants to push the buttons in the elevators.

Letters to the editor:
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